Website Design Tips: Day 5

Today is day five of website design tips. Keep your website updated. Check everything regularly. There should be no spelling mistakes.

The grammar should be correct. Test your website, to see, if all links are working and go to the correct page. Remove stale content and photographs. They do not leave a good impression on your visitors.

If you have a news section, or a blog, keep it updated.

Website Design Tips: Day 4

Today is day four and we will talk about links in your website. Make all links in your website blue or have them underlined. Users easily recognize such links and know they are click-able.
Consider keeping your link names standard e.g. “About Us”, “Our Products” and so on. With standard names, users know what content to expect in each section.

If you do need to use non-standard link names, write a few words or a sentence explaining, what a user will find on clicking them.

Website Design Tips: Day 3

Today is day three. In website design tips, we are going to talk about the loading time of your website. When a visitor reaches your website it should load fast.

Keep your images size small. Avoid putting large images. These will slow down your website. Reduce your image size. There are lots of free online services available to reduce image sizes. Use them.

Avoid creating FLASH based websites. Flash based websites cannot be seen on iPhones and iPads. They are also considered search engine unfriendly.

Website Design Tips: Day 2

Today, in website design tips, we are going to talk about organizing your website navigation. Consider minimizing the number of clicks a visitor must do to reach relevant content. It should not be more than 2 or 3 clicks. Don’t bury important content deep within your website.

Group relevant pages together. Avoid long pages. Limit contents of a page to 2-3 screenfulls. Remember to include a “Back” and “HomePage” button on every page.

Website Design Tips: Day 1

Fundamentally a website exists to provide something that’s useful or interesting to your visitors. It can be about you, your products and your services.

Make sure each page of your website provides something valuable to the user. Be it text or photographs.

If your website dosn’t have that then fix it before you worry about a great website design.